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Our Nursery

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Headquarters offices situated in Muyenga but the Nursery is located at Konge off buziga road in makindye Kampala, Our Nursery is sitted on over 1/2 acre of beautiful, fertile soil. We are in the process of planting trees for use on our customer’s projects. We are excited to be able to have our hand in growing the trees that will provide you with shade and beauty for years to come. Stay tuned for more information.

In addition to trees, Green Yard Gardeners has a fully stocked place, where Annual Flowers, Vegetables and Mums are cared for and prepared for installation in our clients’ gardens.

If you are ever in the area, or just looking for a reason to get away, plan on stopping by our Garden Center and Tree Nursery to see where all the fun begins. We look forward to meeting with you in person! These are some of the plants we have in stock;


List of Trees

Mahogany, calpitus,bahonia,jacaranda, flame tree, African fine pine,cossode tree, .

Ground Covers

This are some of the available ground covers we have in our nursery;Lantana, Barliria, blue daze, udelia,moses in the boat, purple heart, kniphofia, Nanas,codium variegetam,Singonium podophilum,Ajuga rapetum, himigraphis altanata, Gabila jameson.

Other Gardening materials Available

Green Yard Gardeners company, we do supply manure, black soil(Top soil), Gravels, Oval stones(White & Black) at an affordable prices.

List of Shrubs

We have Agamputus, plumbergo,lilies,hibiscus,gardenia, elephant ear, bird of paladise, agave, red ginger,heliconia, day lily, spider lily,croton, alamanda, Axolra,mussiender, luweria, thambagia,


We have; paspalam, pemba grass, zimbabwe, cape royal


We have in stock; Mangoes trees (Mangifera spp),sour soup, Oranges,Jackfruit (Artocarpus spp.)Pawpa


We have;Royal Palm, Alexandria,Travelus,Queen palm,Fish Tail, African wild date.

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